The People & Friends Partner Project unites people all around the world. It helps young adults across the globe to realize their ideas and dreams, whether this is a university degree, internship, job or their own business start-up. Our goal with the People & Friends Partner Project is to enable young adults access to knowledge and expertise. Together with young start-ups as well as established companies, we offer them the opportunity to turn their professional dreams into reality - regardless of where they were born, which gender or religion they have and what language they speak.

Andreas Voss (owner of the Concis Group) has called the People & Friends Partner Project to life in the beginning of 2014. One year later FREIGANG APPLICATIONS CONSULTING became a part of it. This means that with each booking of a workshop given by CONCIS GROUP & FREIGANG AC, you enable one free seminar for young adults worldwide.

If your company, organization or you personally also want to become a part of this growing community, contact us today.

With your commitment we - together - can make the world a better place!


Try to become not a man of success, but try rather to become a man of value.
- Albert Einstein


Our partner projects:

JYOTI - Fair Works is a German-Indian social enterprise empowering Indian women through the production of fair fashion. We offer our women a pleasant working environment, independence and education. We commit to fairness, transparency and humanity.

Our hand sewn, sweatshop-free fight gear is made of 100% Battleskin™, an extremely advanced artificial leather: sustainable, durable and vegan. Vehement is the world’s first brand for sustainable fight gear. All of the martial arts equipment is made of Battleskin™ – a durable, vegan leather. With a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, the Berlin-based team is now conquering the North American market.