We want you to discover your talents and to feel appreciated the way you deserve to be appreciated.

We believe that everyone should have the freedom to think, do and realize whatever they are passionate about. To our minds, this is the only true way to a fulfilled professional life.

We want to give you access to knowledge and support and thereby empower you to realize your ideas and dreams.

We accompany you on a new path – your own path, which also encompasses you to find yourself. We want to inspire you to think differently and to continuously rediscover yourself. We do that by using the latest tools and taking advantage of the most recent scientific findings in our seminars, workshops and one-on-one coachings you can sign up for.




When you work with us we can help you to go new ways and shift boundaries.



The word “Concis” in our company name is the Latin word for concise. In our global business world today being concise - i.e. getting to the point, being brief and yet comprehensive - is essential when you turn your ideas and dreams into reality. We help you to be concise be it in your business plan, negotiations or pitching situations.

The word “Group” in our company name stands for collaboration – we work together with you and our partners in order to shape the future of your company or start-up. This is our mission.


What motivates us!

“Vadere nova” is Latin for “breaking new ground”. It represents being open for something new, to go off the beaten paths and explore new ones. It means to face our dynamic and complex economic circumstances with flexibility, inspiration and innovation. If you integrate the willingness to develop, grow and change into your corporate culture - whether at a large enterprise or your own business start-up - you can proactively shape the future. 

An essential success factor for us is to motivate the people who create, develop or produce a company’s product or service to achieve their maximum performance. 

This also means to create holistic and intelligent approaches and solutions and to collaborate with science and research in order to meet the highest standards of quality.